Apr 27, 2011

NFL Draft Challenge

1. Carolina Panthers - DT Marcell Dareus
 -- This is just an argument on where a franchise is going.  The past two years the Lions and Rams changed their direction by going QB and reinventing their offense.  Now it's easy to say Ron Rivera is going to come in and get the guy he wants, but I think owner Jerry Richardson has more say in this then many are led to believe.  Most recently when the team had the #1 overall pick they took Julius Peppers and found an undrafted QB to take them to the Super Bowl.  I feel Richardson will trump Rivera (hell Rivera may even want to go defense first anyways) and the Panthers will surprise the majority of mock drafters and take Dareus.
     -- Other Possibilities : QB Cam Newton, QB Blaine Gabbert

2. Denver Broncos - OLB Von Miller
 -- The Broncos need some type of impact defender.  To me, that means they're either going Dareus (who's gone), Patrick Peterson, or Von Miller.  The team already has impact players at each position (Champ Bailey and Elvis Dumervil respectively), so to me it comes down to what does the franchise fear more, Bailey's age or Dumervil's injuries?  That said I again mention John Fox and if there's one thing the Panthers have is great linebacking core.  Therefore they're taking Miller, but I'm really guessing between him and Patterson, but if I'm wrong on Dareus going #1 then he'll get selected here.
     -- Other Possibilities : DT Marcel Dareus, CB Patrick Peterson

3. Buffalo Bills - QB Cam Newton
 -- This is going to be a bad pick.  I hardly pay any attention to college football but I chose Auburn as my school back during the Tubberville era because I liked his name.  Even with my vague Auburn connection, Cam Newton is going to be a bad NFL player.  People like him do not translate.  Period.  That said, Buffalo makes moves that make no sense.  Ryan Fitzpatrick is above league average, address every other one of your needs, even though I will admit Newton fits their system.  But as we saw last year they will pick whoever they think is the best player on the board (C. J. Spiller one year later is still mindboggling).  Have fun picking the next Vince Young Buffalo.
     -- Other Possibilities : CB Patrick Peterson, DT Marcel Dareus

4. Cincinnati Bengals - WR A.J. Green
 -- Speaking of terrible franchises, let's talk about the Cincinnati Bengals.  Run by the worst owner in pro sports, this is a team that still thinks Carson Palmer is coming back.  So instead of address a gigantic need at QB, they will address a different need at WR. This team should be taking Blaine Gabbert or whatever QB they have highest on their board, but instead they'll draft a guy who will barely touch the ball next season since his QB will be horrendous.  Please keep staying stupid Cincinnati, I really don't enjoy your bandwagoning fans telling me how great the Bengals are when they have one good season in the past 20 years.
     -- Other Possibilities : QB Blaine Gabbert, QB Cam Newton

5. Arizona Cardinals - CB Patrick Peterson (pick traded to Dallas)
 -- Terrence Newman is really old.  The only other corner on their roster I can think of is Atlanta Braves catcher Brian McCann, so this is a position of need.  Dallas will probably add in a conditional 2nd rounder in next year's draft along with their #9 pick and a 6th or 7th rounder.  Jerry Jones understands that when you can jump up and get an elite talent it's something all teams should do.  Peterson will help turn their secondary around which was not exactly good last year.  Arizona will get what they need, which is picks.  They're not interested in taking a QB so someone high on their defensive front seven big board will still be around in four picks.
     -- Other Possibilities : OT Tyron Smith, QB Blaine Gabbert

6. Cleveland Browns - DE Robert Quinn
 -- The rest of the blog goes into far better detail then I do on the Browns draft day scenario.  I think this is the guy that they want and that they will not find a partner to trade down.
     -- Other Possibilities : WR A.J. Green, CB Patrick Peterson

7. San Francisco 49ers - QB Blaine Gabbert (pick traded to Tennessee)
 -- At this point I think the Titans will decide to move a 2nd or a 3rd rounder next year in order to grab a franchise QB since Vince Young is all but done.  Plus, does Blaine Gabbert not just sound like an average Tennessee QB?
     -- Other Possibilities : CB Prince Amukamara, DE Aldon Smith

8. Tennessee Titans - CB Prince Amukamara (pick traded to San Francisco)
 -- For some reason San Francisco still believes in Alex Smith, and with so many holes all over the defense I think they'll go best player available that fits them, which I think is Amukamara.
     -- Other Possibilities : QB Blaine Gabbert, WR Julio Jones

9. Dallas Cowboys - OT Tyron Smith (pick traded to Arizona)
 -- Arizona has probably the most holes in their roster out of anyone in the league.  So trading for more picks makes sense and drafting someone who can try and protect whatever veteran QB they bring in makes more sense.
     -- Other Possibilities : DT Nick Fairley, C Mike Pouncey

10. Washington Redskins - QB Jake Locker
 -- Mike Shannahan falls in love with guys who have great skills, regardless of whether or not they can turn those skills into results on a football field.  Jake Locker has the best QB skills in the draft, and possibly in the entire draft.
     -- Other Possibilities : WR Julio Jones, OT Tyron Smith

11. Houston Texas - DT Nick Fairley
 -- Houston needs new defensive players basically everywhere other then LB, so they'll go with the best player available on their board defensively.
     -- Other Possibilities : DE Robert Quinn, DE Cameron Jordan

12. Minnesota Vikings - C Mike Pouncey
 -- The Vikings would love to get a QB at this point, but I feel they're going to hedge their bets once 3 go off the board in the top 10.  They'll probably grab Ryan Mallett or Christian Ponder in the 2nd round, possibly even trading up to get one.
     -- Other Possibilities : OT Gabe Carimi, OT Anthony Castonzo

13. Detroit Lions - OT Gabe Carimi
 -- Matthew Stafford keeps getting hurt and the Lions really want to prevent this from happening.  It's possible that they could take a DE, but I really doubt it.
     -- Other Possibilities : OT Anthony Castonzo, C Mike Pouncey

14. St. Louis Rams - WR Julio Jones
 -- When Jones falls into their lap they will love it.  If for some reason he doesn't, they'll go DE like nearly every other team in the draft.
     -- Other Possibilities : DE Cameron Jordan, DE Aldon Smith

15. Miami Dolphins - DE Cameron Jordan
 -- The Dolphins have some serious issues when it comes to putting together a quality defense.  Jordan might actually fix those issues, then again he might not and they might be drafting top 5 next year.

     -- Other Possibilities : DE Aldon Smith, DE J.J. Watt

16. Jacksonville Jaguars - DE Aldon Smith
17. New England Patriots (from Oakland) - DE J.J. Watt
18. San Diego Chargers - OT Anthony Castonzo
19. New York Giants - OT Nate Solder
20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - CB Jimmy Smith
21. Kansas City Chiefs - OG Danny Watkins
22. Indianapolis Colts - OT Derek Sherrod
23. Philadelphia Eagles - DE Da'Quan Bowers
24. New Orleans Saints - DE Ryan Kerrigan
25. Seattle Seahawks - RB Mark Ingram
26. Baltimore Ravens - CB Aaron Williams
27. Atlanta Falcons - WR Torrey Smith
28. New England Patriots - DE Jabaal Sheard
29. Chicago Bears - DT Muhammad Wilkerson
30. New York Jets - DT Phil Taylor
31. Pittsburgh Steelers - DE Adrian Clayborn
32. Green Bay Packers - CB Brandon Harris

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