Apr 29, 2011

Looking at Prospects for the 2nd Round

Im going to go out on a limb and say the Browns take a defensive end with either of their two picks this evening. I say this for a few reasons:
In a 4-3 defense a team will usually pair up two defensive tackles that compliment each other's playing style. In other words, if a team has a massive run stopper at one d-tackle spot, they would usually grab a quicker d-tackle to get some pressure on th
e passer from the middle. The Browns, however, went with two massive run stoppers. And I love it. However, they will desperately need to establish a pass rush from the outside.
A three names in particular stick out:
1) Brooks Reed, Arizona
Reed is a smaller pass-rusher that has had some connections to the Browns over the past few weeks, according to Tony Grossi.
2) Justin Houston, UGA
Houston is a larger d-end who is very athletic (played some OLB for Georgia). The only setback for Houston is that Heckert has tended to draft smaller defensive ends (about 250 pounds).
3) Sam Acho, Texas
Acho is a smaller defensive lineman that Heckert tends to prefer. I mention him here because he fits the mold that Heckert looks for size-wise.
Wideout is another obvious need. We here at ClevelandsRocks have been huge sticklers about taking a wideout with our first pick, now is the time to make a move. Here are a few names to keep an eye on:
1) Leonard Hankerson, Miami
Hankerson is the U's all-time touchdown receiver. That's saying something.
2) Randall Cobb, Kentucky
In the mold of Percy Harvin, Cobb could be great in a WCO that lets him run after the catch.
3) Titus Young, Boise St.
Similar to DeSean Jackson, who Heckert took a few years ago in the 2nd round.

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