Apr 27, 2011

The Browns Best Draft Scenario

With one day looming until the greatest non-game sporting event of the year, many Cleveland fans are wondering what the Browns should do with their sixth pick. Many people think AJ Green, Pat Peterson, or one of the many defensive lineman. However, I believe that I have constructed the best possible scenario for the Browns and their first round pick. Trade it down!

Now, there are some other scenarios that have to fall into place for the Browns to take advantage of this tactic. Obviously, Blaine Gabbert or Cam Newton have to be there. If one of them slips this far we have the option to trade down. Also, I will assume that AJ Green and or Pat Peterson will be gone. If they are still there, I think it will be too hard to not grab one of them based on pure talent.

Keeping on the line of us trading down, lets say the Titans at 8, Redskins at 10, and Vikings at 12 all come calling. Hopefully, between the tandem of Heckert and Holmgren can muster up some good compensation for our 6th overall pick. The preferred compensation being a 2nd round pick from them. I'm sure for that we will have to throw in maybe a 5th or something but three picks in the top 40 can help greatly.

With trading down, I still see two main options we can go with. Therefore, I will have two "mock-tracks" assuming the next pick will be based off the first pick.

Track One:
- Pick 8, 10, or 12- Julio Jones- There are some mocks that have the Browns taking Jones at 6. However, looking at the teams right behind us, there is no team with a glaring need for a WR. Therefore, I believe that Jones will be here a few picks later. This will thrill many fans who want a WR and will surely help McCoy out.
-Pick 37- Marvin Austin- With taking Jones in the 1st, this leaves DL with the next big hole. At this point, most of the top tier is gone. However, there is still talent. Austin had a year off but has fared great in workouts and interviews. Other possibilities are Cameron Heyward, Justin Houston, or a top tier slipping like Adrian Clayborn.
-Pick 39, 41, or 43- At this point the Browns can go in many directions. Hankerson will be there to help out at WR. Brandon Harris could also be there to help the secondary. Many other second tier DL will be there too. This pick will just help boost our young team.

Track Two:
-Pick 8, 10, or 12- Robert Quinn- Quinn preformed greatly at the combine and can jump in to help our new 4-3 front. Teams have also said he has had great interviews and showed character growth. This fills our biggest hole being DL.
- Pick 37 - Jonathan Baldwin or Leonard Hankerson- Obviously here we would be filling WR. No Green or Jones but Baldwin can fit in nicely with the west coast offense.
-Pick 39, 41, or 43- Here the Browns can again look at many options. With not getting a 1st tier WR we could look at whichever one we didn't pick at 37. We could also help the secondary or look at a LB.

Trading down would likely give us three picks in the top 40. Trusting then with Heckert and Holmgren, I think the Browns can draft three quality players that can jump right in and help us win. I think this scenario gives us the most options to go with and doesn't tie us down to a certain pick.

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