Mar 1, 2012

Peyton Hillis to the CIA? Holy Madden Curse

This has got to be one of the most interesting Madden Curse’s ever. I will admit, I was pushing the campaign last year for the Hillis Madden Cover. My reasoning was that Cleveland was already cursed. So what happens when you curse a curse? You break it. Well I guess my math was wrong.
But Hillis didn’t just break his leg or tear an ACL. He went way beyond that. And the new that broke today that mentions him contemplating retirement and joining the CIA is just the icing on the cake.
Seriously? The CIA? It's one thing to say that you’ve always wanted to be in the CIA, but to say you may retire to join? C’mon Peyton, this is not the thing to say when you are searching for a long-term contract. 

Lets do a breakdown on other Madden Curses compared to HIllis:
2001: Eddie George was featured on the cover and never averaged more than 3.4 YPC
2002: Culpepper threw for 23 INTs and set the single-season fumble record. He also blew out his knees in 2005 and 2006.
2004: Michael Vick broke his leg in a pre-season game. Took up a new hobby during his rehab…
2006: MCNabb tears his ACL
2007: Shawn Alexander’s career pluments and makes most forget he set the single-season TD record.
2009: Brett Favre appears on the cover and his dick appears in text messages. Oh and the whole retired, unretired, retired thing.
2010: Fitz proves that dreads are the only known shield to the Madden curse. However, cover-mate Troy Palamalu gets hurt 3 different times in a year.
2012: Peyton Hillis doesn’t stop with a strained hamstring. He gets strep throat and misses more games. Then we hear his agent may have given him advise on sitting out games due to contract disputes. Then he reinjures his hamstring. All of this while he wants a long-term deal equivalent to that of top running backs. Then, we hear that he may be contemplating retiring and joining the CIA. While he might not have had any hard physical damage to his body as result of the curse, it is undoubtedly the most interesting Madden Cursed season yet."There's a few things that happened this year that made me believe in curses," Hillis told reporters during the final week of last season. "Ain't no doubt about it."
Good luck getting your long-term deal now Peyton. 
PS: I'm going to retire from blogging and join the NFL. 

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