Mar 1, 2012

Browns Draft Report: Robert Griffin III

(Originally posted 2-7-12)
QB, Baylor, 6’2”, 220
Report: There’s no question that RG3 is a playmaker. His 2011 Heisman season consisted of 4293 passing yards, 37 TD, and only 6 INT. Not to mention 700 rushing yards and 10 rushing TD. Some people who only pay attention to “their” team or just before the draft, say that RG3 is a one-year wonder. FALSE. Just check his career stats. He improved each year.  Some doubt that he can last in the NFL because he is primarily a running QB. FALSE RG3 has shown great pocket awareness, poise, and the accuracy to deliver the ball all while in the pocket. Even with the possible Olympic career, he doesn’t look to run first. Yet, the threat of it adds pages to the playbook and keeps the defense honest. RG3 also has the brains to be an NFL QB. Obtaining his degree in only 3 years, Griffin has been enrolled in grad-school this past year and may finish his masters before the draft.
We all saw what Cam Newton did this year. Most of his doubters claimed his character issues, college playbook, and accuracy all would hinder his success in the NFL. Now, I’m not comparing the two, but RG3 excels in all three of those issues Newton had.

Griffin doesn’t have the size of Newton so durability is an issue. At 220, well see how many hits he can really take. Although, even with the speed increase of NFL defenses, RG3 is still faster than most of them and should be able to make people miss.
RG3 is not Andrew Luck. He is not the prototypical NFL QB. But he redefines the new age of QB’s. A true class act that wont get in trouble, is smart enough to learn any playbook, and the ability to beat you with his arm or his legs, RG3 will succeed in the NFL. He will make players better. Not many QB’s can say that.
How the Browns Could Get Him: Either at Two or Four. I highly doubt the new rumors of the Browns wanting to trade up are true. We already have a top 5 pick and to trade up would mean Heckert and Holmgren are 110% sure he will be great. Not good, but great. I’m not sold they are sold on that. Plus, with their track record of trading the opposite way, I just don’t see it happening.
However, if he is there at four, the Browns will give him a long look. It’s hard to say right now if they will take him or not. I would not be opposed to it, but I would not be upset if they went in a different direction. If he is still there, don’t be surprised if the Browns trade down. Washington and Miami are going to be interested. It will depend on our front office’s view of RG3 and the offers we get. 

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