Mar 23, 2012

Running Backs Vs. Wideouts in the Top-10

In Don Banks of's latest mock draft, he argues that there has been more success in drafting wideouts in the top-10 than there has been in drafting running backs in the top-10. With this logic, he projects the Browns to pick Justin Blackmon over Trent Richardson at #4 come April. I decided to do a little research and see top-10 drafted runningbacks vs top-10 drafted wideouts since 2002 to find out if Banks is correct. (I decided not to include 2011 because one year isn't enough to make a solid conclusion, though AJ Green and Julio Jones showed promise after being top-10 picks)

Running Backs 
Ronnie Brown, Dolphins #2 (2005)
Cedric Benson, Bears #4 (2005)
Cadillac Williams, Bucs #5 (2005)
Reggie Bush, Saints #2 (2006)
Adrian Peterson, Vikings #7 (2007)
Darren McFadden, Raiders #4 (2008)
CJ Spiller, Bills #9 (2010)

Wide Receivers
Charles Rogers, Lions #2 (2003)
Andre Johnson, Texans #3 (2003)
Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals #3 (2004)
Roy Williams, Lions #7 (2004)
Reggie Williams, Jaguars #9 (2004)
Braylon Edwards, Browns #3 (2005)
Troy Williamson, Vikings #7 (2005)
Mike Williams, Lions #10 (2005)
Calvin Johnson, Lions #2 (2007)
Ted Ginn Jr., Dolphins #9 (2007)
Darius Heyward-Bey, Raiders #7 (2009)
Michael Crabtree, 49ers #10 (2009)

I italicized the players that I think justified their top-10 selection, with 2 out of 7 running backs (AP and Run DMC) and 3 out of 12 wideouts (Andre Johnson, Fitz, and Megatron). While it's not like either position has a high number of successes, running backs seem to have more when compared to their peers drafted in the top-10.

With this in mind, I DO NOT, CANNOT see Heckert drafting Blackmon at #4. I called into 850 WKNR's Hooligans today and pointed out that Heckert passed on Julio Jones last season at pick #6. Why would he take a wideout rated lower (according to most) this season at pick #4? I just can't fathom Heckert doing that.

Sometime this weekend I'll try to post a blog about why I think Trent may not be the choice either.

In the mean time, since I'm back here in Athens to watch my Bobcats play knock-off North Carolina, I'm going to go start drinking. If anyone who reads this goes to OU or is here in Athens, you'll prolly see me tonight. I'll be the shitfaced Marine stumbling all around Court St. Win or lose, we still booze!! (It's true in Cleveland and it's sure as shit true down here at OU)

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