Mar 20, 2012

Makers Mark to Make Tim Couch Bottle

Maker's Mark, known as Kentucky's Bourbon Whiskey, just unveiled a commemorative Tim Couch bottle.  While I assume this is to commemorate the Time Couch- Kentucky Football Legend, I can't help but think many Browns fans will resort to this alcohol to cope with Tim Couch- Cleveland Browns bust.

Pic courtesy of EDSBS
While I always liked Couch, and thought he would have been decent in the league if given even half a real chance, there is no doubt he started a trend of completely shitty drafts. He will always be the cornerstone of Browns busts even to Courtney Browns' dismay.

As a Browns fan, I will for sure grab a bottle or three of these special edition bottles cause, well, I'm a Browns fan. In fact, if Colt is out there next year, I may need a bottle for every Sunday.

So while this special edition bottle may have been marketed towards Kentucky fans (they like football?), it may in fact be a better seller for the depressed, angered, and hopelessly driven to alcoholism fans of Cleveland. Remember, win or lose, we still booze. And now we can booze with Tim Couch!

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