Mar 8, 2012

(Extremely) Early Spring Training Injury Analysis

When the Indians first opened the Spring Training complex in Goodyear lasy year, the team was tentatively met with hope and optimism after a surprisingly impressive 2011 where the Tribe nearly went .500 and began the season an impressive 30-15.

Then, of course, the Indians were met with what all Cleveland teams are seemingly met with every year, pain and injuries. For only a few week's worth of off the mound throwing and light jogging around the warning track, the Tribe has been struck with a barrage (ok well 2) of injuries.  The inevitable feeling of hopelessness and a complete lack of luck that Cleveland fans know all to well hit Tribe fans this year even before the first Spring Training game.  Grady Sizemore decided to step into his own personal suicide booth, leaving with a bad back (more like a bad body).  Not that this was unexpected in any way, but for us Cleveland fans, whenever Grady Sizemore is healthy there is some faint glimmer of hope that he might continue to remain healthy.  Of course that won't happen, so naturally it's not surprise the guy can't make it through Spring Training without some type of ailment.  Whatever, we knew this was coming and we shouldn't've been so stupid into believe he would remain healthy.  This one is on you overly optimistic Indians fan, you know better.

Now for the injury that really hurts, we've got Chris Perez's strained oblique.  Perez hurt himself in literally his first bullpen session of the year and is out 4-6 weeks, although he claims to be back sooner then expect (although what athlete doesn't stay that).  Perez, unlike Sizemore, actually is expected to be healthy and perform at that high level we all know he can play at.  Also, unlike Sizemore, Perez has a body that does not resemble an athlete, so anytime muscles are strained, especially muscles that are used primarily in the pitching motion, there is reason to be concerned.  So, prior to the first game the Indians lose their former MVP candidate CF and their All-Star closer, great.

There is a positive coming out of this Cleveland fans.  Both of these injuries came at literally the earliest possible time in the MLB season.  Sure Perez is out 4-6 weeks, but even if he is ready on the far end of the estimate, he'll only have a minimum stay on the 15 day DL.  Now Sizemore's trip to the suicide booth is going to be terrible.  He will inevitably be given a "set back", but until that happens we can be optimistic that he'll at least be around for the All-Star break (for now).

In on field news Shelley Duncan has 2 home-runs, don't mess with him.

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