Mar 6, 2012

Possible Browns Bounties

With all the talk recently about bounties in the NFL, I thought it would be fun to think of some bounties the Browns should have. Let's be serious, everyone does it.

James Harrison- $20,000: The most obvious one here. He's had cheap-shots across the league but many directly injuring some Browns. He also tried to shoot his assistant high school coach with a BB gun in the locker room. Pretty much a straight thug. 

Appropriate punishment and possible perpetrators: Ray Ventrone with a punch in the face. 

Funded by: Colt's dad, Cribbs' barber, and MoMass' psychologist.

Ben Roethlisberger- $2,000: Don't really think I need an explanation on this. 

Appropriate punishment and possible perpetrators: Ray Ventrone with a kick in the balls.

Funded by: College females across the country.

AJ Green- $1,000: He single handedly beat us twice last year, thanks to botched game management and Joe Haden mistiming a break on the ball. 

Appropriate punishment and possible perpetrators: Ray Ventrone taking out his knees. 

Funded by: Timeouts in Shurmur's pockets and Joe Haden's cleats.

Ray Lewis- $5,000: The future hall of famer who should be on the Browns if He Who Shall Not Be Named didn't move the team to Baltimore

Appropriate punishment and possible perpetrators: Ray Ventrone stabbing him on the field (or outside a Miami nightclub).

Funded by: Matt Stover, Steve Everitt and all the other Browns from The Move who had to go play with that murderer.

He Who Shall Not Be Named- $1,000,000: There's a reason he's always in the box and never on the sideline's. 

Appropriate punishment: Ray Ventrone water boarding him and tearing out his heart like he did to Browns fans everywhere in the 90's.

Funded by: taxpayer's of Cleveland and the greater Cleveland area.

The moral of this post is that Ray Ventrone needs to be the headhunting Brown for the foreseeable future. 

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