Mar 1, 2012

Why It May Be Easier To Acquire RG3 Than People Think

If any of you have happened to flip to ESPN lately you know that the Rams have publicly claimed they are willing to trade the 2nd pick. The obvious contenders are the Browns, Redskins, and Dolphins. 
We have all heard the crazy rumors that Washington is allegedly willing to trade. I have heard they may offer a 2012 1st (6), along with a 2nd and 3rn this year, plus a 2013 1st and 2nd. While I know their owner, Dan Snyder, is not above doing anything crazy, I don’t think it will end up that high. That would be the most extreme draft pick trade in the history of the NFL.
The Browns hold every advantage in these negotiations. We have the 4th pick not the 6th pick. The Rams don’t want to move that far down. At #4, either Kalil, Blackmon, or Claiborne will be left. At #6, Kalil will be gone and theres a chance Blackmon could be gone too. The Rams want one of those players. Advantage: Browns

As of now, the Browns pick #22 is more valuable than a 2013 1st. Current picks are always held to more value than future picks, not to mention how deep this draft is.  The only reason you hear of Washington trading that much is to compensate for the two firsts we have. Pick #22; greater than anything else the Redskins can offer.

Another thing people are not taking into account yet is free agency. Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn still hover out and can alter the trade value for RG3. Whether or not Washington lands one of them, (Which I think they will) there will be teams that do; therefore, limiting the demand for RG3. If Washington acquires a QB through free agency, I could easily see the Browns only having to trade both firsts. If Washington is still in the hunt, I think it may cost the Browns a future 2nd or so. Either way, once free agency is done, the amount of teams who are in the RG3 market will drop.

If you are a Browns fan who wants RG3 just be patient. Don’t assume every rumor you hear is an accurate indication of RG3’s market value. If you are a Browns fan who doesn’t think we should get RG3, just remember, the Browns can easily add a free agent wide receive and still hold on to a 2012 2nd round pick. There are plenty of options to add weapons.

As of now, here is my prediction of RG3’s trade value to the Browns. Two 2012 first round picks and a 2013 2nd round pick. Let me know if you think it will cost more or less. 

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