Jun 20, 2011

What Do You Want The Cavs To Do This Draft?

Okay, today we found out that the Cavs are committed to Kyrie Irving with the first overall pick of this upcoming draft. Not that the news was any surprise, but there were some talks that they may go a different way. Now that all of those are done, the question is what to do with the 4th pick. Trade rumors are still swirling out there with the second pick from Minnesota. If teh Cavs do not have to give up too much, I think that would be the best move to get Kyrie and Williams. But it seems as though that trade may be too hard to pull off.

Anyways, there are still many options with the 4th pick. Enes Kanter seems like a good option. The big man from Turkey sat the last year on Kentucky's bench, but has proved that he can be a solid big guy. Jan Vesely is also a big guy option who may be like Dirk; or may be a bust. He seems to be more of a risk in the top five.

So Cleveland fans, (or the few people who read my blog), what do you want to see the Cavs do with this draft. If you disagree with Kyrie let me know. If you want a certain player or a trade let me know. Please voice your opinions as I am interested to see where Cleveland stands on this huge draft for the Cavs.

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  1. I'd like to see the Cavs find a way to package the 4 and the trade exception for a (not terrible) bad contract and either multiple first rounders, or the 2 / 3 and get Williams. Kanter would be a good consolation prize, as would Valence...whatever.