Jun 20, 2011

Is Rory The New Tiger?

Is Rory McIlroy the next Tiger Woods? If you haven’t flipped it over to ESPN this morning, that just about all they are talking about over there. If you missed it, McIlroy absolutely pooped on the rest of the field in the US Open. Though very impressive, I still don’t put it above Tiger’s performance in the 2000 US Open where he won by 15 strokes and was the only one under par.
The most impressive part of Rory’s performance had to be how he bounced back from his choke job on the final round of the Masters. For a 22 year old to come back from that like it was nothing was amazing. 
With another major without Tiger, ESPN had to grab their hands on something. Rory is the perfect fit as a replacement. The 22-year-old sensation has been in contention in the past 5 majors. If he didn’t choke down the stretch of the Masters, he would have comfortably won the past two majors. All of these traits can only compare to Tiger.
There is no question that without Tiger, the PGA and ESPN have been hurting. Tiger’s brief revival in the Masters showed to be one of the greatest recent days of golf. However, people on ESPN are already trying to replace Tiger and have a new “king”. Is it too early to crown Rory as the next?
He has the skill set but does he have the moxy? He showed a lot with the ability to come back from the Masters but is still light years away from Tiger’s stats. PGA and ESPN need someone to step in as soon as possible. The best possible situation for gold is that Tiger can come back at an elite level, and be placed against Rory. Think of a Sunday twosome with Tiger and Rory. Who do you have on that one?

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