Apr 23, 2012

Browns Dream Draft Scenario

I know a lot of people out there, (including some on Cleveland’s Rocks) thinks it a waste of time to predict to in-depth on draft day trades. However, I think I've conjured up an awesome draft scenario for the Browns. Let me know if you agree or disagree with any of these picks.
Pick 4: Trent Richardson: Trent just makes too much sense here for the Browns not to take him. I won't go too in-depth here since I already did on the 10 Reasons Why the Browns Should Draft Trent Richardson blog, but he will likely be a home run for us. With Hillis gone we have a gaping hole at the RB position. In my opinion, this ranks after QB and LT in offensive importance. I know we need a WR but I don’t like Blackmon’s value at the 4 spot. Trent also gives us a dominant playmaker, something the Browns haven’t had in recent history.
Pick 22: Jonathon Martin: Ideally, I would have like the Browns to address the O-line in free agency, since they didn’t, we need to draft one here. Jonathon Martin is a steal in my opinion if he is there at 22. He could start for most teams’ week-one at left tackle, and shouldn’t take too long to switch over to right tackle. This gives the Browns two first round picks at the tackle position and should really help whoever our QB is, not to mention Trent. He is a superb run-blocking tackle who should do just fine at RT. Don’t forget that drafting first round O-linemen is the safest thing you can do. It won't be the sexiest pick and could anger some Browns fans if Wright and Hill are still on the board.
*TRADE!!! Pick 31: Stephen Hill/Kendall Wright: For the fans upset we didn’t grab a WR at 22, have no fear, the Patriots are here! The Patriots already have two late first round picks. It's also no secret they love to add more picks, and the Browns have plenty of ammo for this trade (2 4th rounds, 2 5th rounds, ect). I could see us trading a 2013 2nd, plus one of our extra 4th & 5th round picks to grab this late 1st round pick. Hell it may even be cheaper. The Browns could then draft whomever they view as the best WR still on the board. It could be Kendall Wright or Stephen Hill. (Readers Note: if neither is available here, this will never happen). Now the Browns can fix the gaping hole at WR and still have a 3rd, 4th, & 5th round pick. I think both teams would go for this seeing that the Pats love to add more picks especially mid-round picks, and the Browns have enough picks to grab a needed playmaker.
Pick 37: Brandon Weeden: I know there are a lot of Weeden doubters out there but I think the Browns would get great value here at 37. Most scouts think he is the 2nd best passer in the draft only behind Andrew Jesus Luck. I am aware of his age but it doesn’t bother me as much as others. First off, he is NFL ready and could easily beat out Colt and start week 1. Secondly, him being 29 is not the same as most NFL players when they are 29. He has not actually played in the NFL that long. He hasn’t taken the hits and the constant beating that wears on you when you age. If anything, he probably has the body of a 24-25 year old. I also don’t want to hear any fans complaining that he won't be our QB 15 years down the road. Folks, do you have any idea how hard it is to find a life long franchise QB in the draft? Dalton could fizzle out in a couple years. Luck or RG3 could be a bust. Plus, were the fucking Browns! Why are we worried about 10-15 years down the road when we have sucked for 20 years? Weeden could easily give us 6, 7, or 8 serviceable years and actually make the Browns respectable.
Recap: Do I actually see the Browns taking four straight offensive players? It's highly doubtful. But I think the defense is serviceable enough to wait to rounds 3 & 4. If this dream scenario actually happened I could see the Browns going OLB and DE with the next picks.
Imagine the Browns next year with Weeden and Colt competing in training camp making each other better. Then actually having a threat at RB with Richardson. And holy crap, two good young WR’s in Little & Wright/Hill. Does this not have the making of a solid young team? Don’t forget we also get a full training camp with Shurmur and Childress so we can actually learn a system.
Then again, I'm probably just dreaming. 

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