Apr 18, 2012

Ten Reasons Why The Browns Should Draft Trent Richardson

1.     Besides the QB’s that we aren’t getting, Trent is the clear-cut best offensive player in the draft. Not to over-use the term, but Trent is the total package. He is a beast between the tackles, can run outside, block, and has great hands. Literally the only negative I could find on him was the high number of touches he had in college compared to the other backs, especially in the SEC. And that was just me being petty.

2.     Give Colt a weapon for God sake. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not the biggest Colt fan out there.  But at this point, unless we grab Weeden later, it looks like Colt will be the guy for 2012 (Crossing fingers we don’t draft Tannehill). Mel Kiper said it the best (never thought I would say that), “What better way to help Colt is give him plenty of 2nd and 4’s.” The man has a good point. This is what helped Colt to a good rookie season. Hillis would always give us yards on 1st downs. Last year, that didn’t happen. Having a top RB will take loads of pressure of Colt.

3.     The Browns play in the AFC North. RB’s are king in this division when it gets cold and you need ball control. I really think a big reason the Browns’ run-D was so bad last year is the 3-and-outs (OK, they sucked for other reasons too). This division has had its share of great RB’s and Pitt and Baltimore always seem to have them.

4.     When is the last time the Browns had a dominant RB? Like seriously, when? Asking my parents… Asking my grandparents. Exactly. You have to go back decades. No Rueben Droughns and a 63 year-old Jamal Lewis are not dominant. When’s the last time a team has been, “Whoa, we have to game plan for (Insert Browns RB)”. Trent will give the Browns something on offense to be proud of, and more importantly, something opposing teams will have to worry about.

5.     I don’t want Justin Blackmon. Com’on folks, this guy is not a top-5 pick. He would have gone like 12-16 last year. H is not the physical specimen that Megatron, A. Johnson, Fitz, or AJ Green is. He will be a great WR but is not a top-5 pick by any means. Oh and we already have a possession receiver named Greg Little.

6.     I don’t want Ryan Tannehill. Or at least I don’t want him at 4. Again, not saying he will be bad but he barely has more starts than I did in high school. He is clearly a project. What happens to project QB’s when you put them on a shitty team with a suspect coach? 9 times out of 10 they fail. Tannehill needs to benefit from sitting a few years behind a decent QB and good coach. Need I say more?

7.     What those last 2 really weren’t reason why we should draft Trent? Sure they were. Here’s a fact for you then. Out of the NFL teams that run the WCO, only one made the playoffs that didn’t have a 1000-yard rusher. That team was Green Bay, an offense we will only ever have wet dreams about. The other WCO teams all have a RB they count on to be productive in both the running game and receiving game. The Browns WCO is closest to that of the 49ers, a team with an average QB that everyone was about to write off. They did pretty well last year. You can also see what having two solid RB’s did to the Texans who also run a similar WCO, and some guy named TJ won them a playoff game.

8.     He took a cancer survivor to her high school prom. Class act move if you ask me. Browns will never have to worry about his character or work ethic. There are already rumors that Blackmon doesn’t want to come to Cleveland. Screw that. Trent will play hard wherever he goes. This is the Cleveland mentality we need.

9.     Running backs are still king. Obviously a good offense has a good Quarterback, but after that, they all need a good running game to keep things going smoothly. I don’t buy into that crap where two-thirds of plays are passing. Hello, Trent can catch the ball pretty well. How many of those plays are going to RB’s now a day? Plus, Trent can make up for the fact that Colt cant pick up a blitz to save his life. The fact is RB’s just mean more to a team’s offense than a WR.

10. Oh shit, I still need one more reason… Um… he has dreads. That’s a good enough reason for me. It's a fact that dreads coming out of an all orange helmet looks badass. Just ask Cribbs. 

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