Apr 27, 2012

Grading the First Round and Looking Forward to Round 2

Well the Browns did it. They hopped up one pick (for less than a 2nd rounder, *ahem* Butch Davis *ahem*) and grabbed Trent Richardson at #3. I love the pick because I think TRich is gonna be a monster on the lakeshore. Jim Brown disagrees, but Barry Sanders agrees with me. We'll see how he does, but, like I tweeted last night: "Dear Trent Richardson, Please be fucking awesome. Sincerely, Browns Fans." I'm not always a fan of trading up, actually I never am, but I don't mind giving up a 4th, 5th, and 7th for Richardson. Think about it, would you trade Jordan Cameron, Owen Marecic, and Eric Hagg for Richardson? I fucking would in a heartbeat. Those are the respective players the Browns drafted last year with those picks. Richardson should give the Browns an immediate play maker on offense, someone that can tote the rock 25+ times a game and hopefully consistently get at least 85+ yards a game.


At #22, I have a little bit different of a feeling. I don't think that Brandon Weeden is going to suck, but I just would rather have seen him taken at #37 if he was available. That being said, supposedly he was #13 on the Browns big board, and if that was the case, they had to take him at #22. Everyone knows that Colt is not the answer, and if you're a Colt supporter, I'm sorry, but Weeden is going to be much much better than Colt. I would have loved to see DeCastro be the pick there at #22, but I understand QB is about a 12094336x more of a need than the interior line. We all know Heckert brought in Weeden to start NOW, so here's to hoping he pans out and doesn't take all that long to adjust.

Finally, I wasn't gonna get into his age, but if that concerns you just give me a fucking break. The dude is gonna be 29 come the start of the season. If you get 5-8 years of solid QB play out of a draft pick, you're satisfied right? When's the last time the Browns got more than 1 year of solid QB play out of a player? Give the dude a chance.



Keep an eye on:

Cordy Glenn, OL Georgia

He's one of the best prospects on the board. Many mockers had him projected as a first rounder, but he slipped to the second round. He has a ton of versatility, which he showcased at UGA by playing both inside and outside on the o-line. He's also massive at 6'5" 345.

Johnathon Martin, OT Stanford

Way back when people had Martin projected as a top-5 pick. Not so much anymore. He isn't an ideal fit for the left tackle position, but right tackle is something the Brownies desperately need. He'll be in consideration if he's on the board at #37.

Steven Hill, WR Georgia Tech

No secret that the Browns need wideout help, Hill is the best wideout on the board at this point. I'm always weary of players that shoot up draft boards after they are done actually playing football, but Hill's measurables are off the charts.

*Lavonte David, LB Nebraska*

This is my pick for the Browns at #37 if he's still there. I can't see the Browns completely ignoring the defense with their first three picks. David could be a great  fit in the 4-3 defense, and our run defense was awful last year. Almost as bad as our offense was.

Courtney Upshaw, DE Alabama

I'd have to think that Upshaw is under serious consideration if he's still on the board at #37. Sure we signed Rucker and Parker in the off season, but let's be honest, those guys aren't too much more than stop-gap players.

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