Mar 29, 2013

2013 NFL Draft Drinking Game!!

Well, it's that time of year again, Browns fans. Here's our annual 2013 NFL draft drinking game. I'm posting it a few weeks early so we can open it up to suggestions from common drinking men like yourselves. So, check it out and comment or tweet at us @ClevelandsRocks to give your input. If it's good, we'll include it in our updated rules.

NFL Draft Drinking Game
Please Drink Responsibly

Things you will need: 
1. Plenty of team gear.
2. Plenty of beer to have a great time.
3. Plenty of liquor if your team's draft blows. 

Personal Team:
  • Personal power hour when your team is on the clock.  1 Drink per Minute
  • If you’re upset about your teams pick.   Drink until your not
  • Roger Goodell makes a pick announcement.   Social
  • Any pick is traded.   Social
General Phrases:
  • Any mention of the Scouting Combine i.e.  40-yard dash times, bench press, vertical leap 1 Drink
  • If a player is described as a "project", or "sleeper"  1 Drink
  • "Physical specimen."   1 Drink
  • "Intangibles."   1 Drink
  • “Drafting for need”   1 Drink
  • "Best athlete available."   1 Drink
  • “Tremendous upside”   1 Drink
  • "Raw" 1 Drink
  • "Tweener" (via @KSThomas8) 1 Drink

  • Any analyst disagrees with the pick made.   1 Drink
  • Fans boo their first-round pick.   1 Drink
  • Whenever ESPN cuts to a team's “War Room”   1 Drink
  • Camera shot of draftee at home with family.   1 Drink 
  • Camera shot of draftee at home with inexplicable amount of gorgeous girls in the background. 1 Drink per girl 
  • Draftee at podium is wearing an obnoxiously colored suit (green, purple, yellow, sharkskin), a derby hat or hopelessly gaudy jewelry.   1 Drink
  • A player from a college you've never heard of is picked.   1 Drink
  • Draftee slips because of "personal problems”.   1 Drink (Will likely turn to 3 drinks. See Below)
  • Cincinnati drafts a player that's been arrested before.   2 Drinks
  • The highlight footage of a first-round pick makes him look like the single greatest player to put on a helmet and play the game of football.   1 Drink
  • Every time someone mentions that Tom Brady was drafted in the 6th round.   1 Drink
  • Last player in green room after 20 picks.  2 Drinks per pick until he is drafted, then give him a standing ovation.
  • Every time someone compares a QB who's slipping in the draft to this year's Russell Wilson. 1 Drink
  • Any time Ryan Leaf is mentioned: 5-10 Drinks depending on good behavior

Personal Phrases/Situations:
Mel Kiper:
·       Calls a pick a "steal" because he had him listed higher on his draft board 2 Drinks
·       Someone makes a comment of his hair. 3 Drinks
Chris Berman:
·       Anytime he interrupts someone.   1 Drink
·       Anytime he says “Raydas,” "G-Men," "Super Chargers," or anyother terrible nickname for a franchise.  5 Drinks
Tom Jackson
·       Let’s slip one of those high-pitched giggles that sounds funny coming from a former middle linebacker.   2 Drinks

Browns Related Scenarios: Anytime the following are mentioned:
·       We get it, we drafted Tim Couch 1 Drink
·       We get it, we drafted Courtney Brown 1 Drink
·       We get it, we drafted Gerard Warren 1 Drink
·       We get it, we drafted William Green 1 Drink
     We get it, our 2nd round pick went with the selection of Josh Gordon
     We get it, Mike Lombardi comes from the Belechik school of drafting
     We get it, we traded down & missed out on Julio Jones (2011) & didn't move up for RGIII (2012)

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