Sep 10, 2013

Brandon Jacobs Rises like a Phoenix from the Ashes

Reports of Brandon Jacobs resurfacing with the New York football Giants began making the rounds on Twitter around 1:00 PM EST.  Shortly after these reports became confirmed and that leads us to the disgusting question we must all be asking ourselves: "My waiver claim on Brandon Jacobs?  I... I can't this guy can I?"

You can't and you shouldn't.  The former Southern Illinois plodder by way of Auburn is over a year from his last fantasy relevance.  Strictly speaking, Jacobs is a true street Free Agent.  He wasn't in camp learning any of the new complexities of the playbook or picking up valuable reps with his offensive line.  He is Eli & Tom's old buddy who they desperately needed to bring back, but he isn't ready to head between the hashes and start Week 2.  The old Brandon Jacobs isn't walking through that door.

The most likely scenario is Jacobs practices hard for the coming week with Coughlin surmising his
status "we'll see" and "he's working hard."  Come Sunday, Jacobs takes 7 handoffs for a meager 23 yards and suggests the rust will be gone soon enough.  In reality though, we are talking about a running back who has injured for the majority of last season and left the locker roomer in a fire drill after the bomb he set off on his way out.  Don't forget his last stint in the City that Never Sleeps didn't exactly end on good terms either.

Jacobs has as much fantasy value as Da'Rel Scott.  He might touch the ball a few times, but he isn't going to do anything with it.  Don't get caught in the hype game heading into Week 2, Jacobs isn't worthy of a fantasy roster spot right now and if Father Time has his way Jacobs won't be worthy of an actual roster spot at the end of the year.

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