Sep 18, 2013

Week 3 Shuffle: Quarterback

Listed are the Top 25 QBs for the upcoming week.  Rankings are based on the projected mean performance without any specific team context on who you should start.  Sometimes you need to start the lower of two players due to upside or a high floor, so things are fluid.  As always, players can move up or down as we approach kickoff.  So please indulge yourself & dissect our list from top to bottom.  Let's Go!

Tier 1:
1. Aaron Rodgers @CIN
2. Peyton Manning vs OAK
3. Drew Brees vs ARI
4. Matt Stafford @WAS
5. Robert Griffin III vs DET
6. Michael Vick vs KC
7. Cam Newton vs NYG
8. Matt Ryan @MIA
9. Tom Brady vs TB
10. Colin Kaepernick vs IND
11. Russell Wilson vs JAC
12. Andy Dalton vs GB

 - There aren't too many surprises in the top 12 this week.  The consensus top three signal callers lead the way this week with no elite matchups getting exposed from the next tier.  Andy Dalton sneaks his way into the top 12 in the last slot with a predictably pass happy game at home against Green Bay.  Kaepernick & Wilson return to the top 12 after (rightfully) being left out of the top 15 last week.  We really hope that you did the right thing and benched them last week, otherwise you probably got the bog ole "L" in the loss column.

Tier 2:
13. Terrelle Pryor @DEN
14. Alex Smith @PHI
15. Joe Flacco vs HOU
16. Tony Romo vs STL
17. Andrew Luck @SF
18. Eli Manning @CAR
19. Sam Bradford @DAL
20. Carson Palmer @NO
21. Matt Schaub @BAL
22. Jay Cutler @PIT
23. Philip Rivers @TEN
24. Ryan Tannehill vs ATL
25. E.J. Manuel @NYJ

- The second tier has a few high end QBs with spotty matchups.  Andrew Luck and Tony Romo find themselves outside the top 15, although neither look to be death sentences if they're started.  Philip Rivers begs us to trust him higher then a back-end QB2 but his first road game against the sneaky good Titans defense is not something you should trust.  Eli Manning is the biggest wildcard of this bunch, but given his first two performances on the year he may have contracted whatever horrible disease Rivers has had the past few years.  None of these guys should be spot added in a 12 man league unless you have liberal roster usage and deep benches.  There isn't much of a reason to add Pryor, Smith or Flacco over Romo & Luck unless you're not cutting a higher upside asset a.k.a. a RB or WR.

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As always, read & discuss.  You can reach me on Twitter @ClevRocks_James or comment your (dis)agreements below.

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