Sep 11, 2013

Week 2 Shuffle: Tight End

Listed are the Top 25 TEs for the upcoming week.  Rankings are based on the projected mean performance without any specific team context on who you should start.  Sometimes you need to start the lower of two players due to upside or a high floor, so things are fluid.  As always, players can move up or down as we approach kickoff.  So please indulge yourself & dissect our list from top to bottom.  Let's Go!

Tier 1:
1. Jimmy Graham @TB
2. Jason Witten @KC
3. Brandon Myers vs DEN
4. Tony Gonzalez vs STL
5. Greg Olsen @BUF
7. Jared Cook @ATL
8. Owen Daniels vs TEN
9. Vernon Davis @SEA
10. Jermichael Finley vs WAS
11. Antonio Gates @PHI
12. Jordan Cameron @BAL

- Nothing surprising about Graham holding down the top spot his floor is high starting anyone over him is absurd.  Myers gets the top 3 slot due to an unbelievably friendly setting in Week 2.  Every model in New York City wants to know what Tony Gonzalez's secret is to defy aging.  Cook & Finley both have appealing matchups, but Finley's floor is lower with more high end receiving options to spread the ball around too.  Gates is an intriguing play for someone looking for upside.  We all know San Diego is going to need to be in attack mode & there is no one Rivers has a better rapport with then the 11 year veteran.

Tier 2:
13. Julius Thomas @NYG
14. Dallas Clark vs CLE
15. Kyle Rudolph @CHI
16. Martellus Bennett vs MIN
17. Fred Davis @GB
18. Brent Celek vs PHI
19. Tyler Eifert vs PIT
20. Jermaine Gresham vs PIT
21. Scott Chandler vs CAR
22. Kellen Winslow @NE
23. Coby Fleener vs MIA
24. Jordan Reed @GB
25. Garrett Graham vs TEN

- Thomas still remains a speculative TE2 this week.  There are too many other options for Manning to choose from to make him more appealing.  Martellus Bennett should continue to see his role with the Bears offense grow when they face a struggling Minnesota secondary.  The bottom falls out after Fred Davis with everyone else being a speculative play at best.  Should Gronk shed the doubtful label Belicheck has cast upon him he'd slide up into the 12-16 range.  Except a soft opening once he returns from the sidelines since the Patriots don't want to rush him back and repeat what happened last year.  Update: Gronkowski, Sudfeld & Dwayne Allen officially listed at out & removed from the rankings.

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As always, read & discuss.  You can reach me on Twitter @ClevRocks_James or comment your (dis)agreements below.  Thanks for reading. 

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