Mar 16, 2011

Its Almost St Patty's Day!

I would like one person to tell me why tomorrow will not be the best day of the year! And don't give me the shit about the day the Tribe wins the World Series because we all know that will be like 75 years from now. But seriously, not only is it St Patrick's Day, but its the start of the NCAA tournament (see my latest post).

Downtown Cleveland will be absolutely rocking all day long. That's where I'm gonna be all day. Here is a great guide to the best places to be thanks to So I hope you all have a great Thursday. It will be one for the ages.

PS: check out the comment on the link by @earnyourown. What a bitch. He can call all the people he wants amateurs but he just sounds like a damn party pooper. Everything on that list sounds like a damn good time so do us all a benefit @earnyourown and stay the hell away from the people trying to have fun.

 See you all tomorrow!

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