Mar 15, 2011

Player Ban?

As the turmoil between the NFL owners and the NFLPA continues, news broke the other day that the NFLPA would impose a boycott on the upcoming NFL Draft. This would mean the usual 15 or so players that attend the draft would not be allowed/ recommended to be there. However, the NFLPA came out today and said they would not put a boycott on the draft.

My opinion is the the Players Association was testing the waters for this idea. Obviously this would be a dumb idea for public relations where it seems like most of the people are on the side of the players. A Sports Nation poll showed that 72% of Americans thought this was a bad idea. 

As much as Joe Thomas looked like a complete bad ass passing up the draft to go fishing with his father, the lack of players at the draft would defiantly be a damper to the first night. Plus, we would miss the always comical player who is expected to go early then sit and wait in the green room forever. The Brady Quinn face was priceless as he had to endure constant cameras on his face for 22 picks. This is why the draft is awesome and I really hope the players are allowed to attend.

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