Mar 12, 2011

Thank God Its March

So the NFL is in a lockout. We now have to wait for a long drawn out legal process that will likely take forever. The odds that actual NFL time will be missed are greatly increased now, unfortunately. But forget that shit, we got March Madness coming. Thank God it is march or I'm not sure what I would do. Its not even the actual tournament and the last two days were crazy as hell.

Here's what went down in JUST the conference tournaments.

Wisconsin and Penn St. looked like they were playing a damn CYO game. I mean seriously? This is Division 1 basketball for Christ sake.  Its weird to see Wisconsin shit down their leg after beating OSU. They looked so dominant, then once they got national attention, ran away and left their offense in Madison.

We saw Jimmer Fredette get his mother fucking swag on... again. Then, only to get his ass beat the next day. I feel bad for this man. He drops a record 52 points on Friday just to get blown out by San Diego State the next day. I mean, he still dropped 30 but, gotta suck for the man. The worst part is he can even get plastered or, well, you know. I'm proposing a Free Jimmer campaign but he's out of there in a few weeks. Side note: I can only assume Jimmer in the real world is like Miley Cyrus turning 18. We can only wait and see.

We saw Kemba Walker bust his nut over the entire Big East. This man had to be pissed the Big East Player of the Year was given to some white guy from Notre Dame.
Lets see:
Five games in five days. Check
Four of them ranked teams: Check
Broke a man's ankle so bad he should just sit the next few out. Check
Single handily won the toughest conference in the country's championship. Check
Not a bad weekend Kemba. Party like your not Jimmer Fredette. Another side note: Wouldn't mind Cavs drafting him with the Clip's pick. The man can play.

Hopefully other people out there checked into for the Harvard vs Princeton game. I'm just kidding. But seriously this game was crazy. These smart kids know how to have good rivalries. Not only were they playing on Yale's court, which I can only assume is a huge slap in the face, but it was a barn burner. Also, did you see the signs in the stands? They were about Presidential campaigns in the early 1900's. Respect. Princeton won on a crazy heart-braking buzzer beater which could, for the first time ever, could get the Ivy League two teams in the tourney.

Does it get any more thug than the MAC Championship game? The answer is HELL NO! Akron vs Kent St. in Cleveland was a sight to see. What good game doesn't end with a game winning shot and coaches fighting in a scuffle? Akron won but the fans in Cleveland were the real winners with the fight at the end.

And what has to be the best part of the weekend and the weeks to come. Gus Fucking Johnson. This man bleeds college basketball and always seems to find the best games. ESPN's Bill Simmons has the Gus Johnson rule which basically means he will always have a good game. It was true with the Arizona vs Washington game in the PAC 10 final. Just a preview of what is to come. I cant wait.

Here are my pre-selection Sunday #1 seeds. Since I am by no means an expert, do not strictly follow these picks.

OSU: Unless they completely crap the bed against a team that recently won with a score in the 30's, the Buckeyes should have the number one overall seed.

Kansas: Strong win over Texas to win the Big 12. At worse will be the second #1 seed.

Winner of Duke/UNC game. Ya its cheating. Big whoop. Im not picking winners yet just seeds. And the winner of this I think will earn the 3rd number one seed. If it's UNC it may be the 4th but still deserving of a top seed.

Pitt: I know they lost but they still have a crazy good resume and there has to be someone from the Big East at a top seed.

My #2 Seeds:
Loser of Duke/UNC
Notre Dame
San Diego State

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