Mar 15, 2011

My NCAA Preview

As many others will also believe, I personally think that the members of the selection committee were on crack. Not only did they screw up on adding VCU and leaving out Va Tech, but the seeding was completely ass backwards. For one, I'm not sure how you give Kentucky a 4 seed after winning the SEC and give Florida a 2 seed after losing to them. That to me is mind boggling. Also not sure how Michigan received an 8 seed. They at best were an 11. Texas is a very dangerous 4 seed after many thought they could be a 2.

OSU, for being the #1 overall seed, has no easy bracket. From the looks of it, Pitt clearly has the easiest run to the Final Four. OSU on the other hand, could have a pesky match up in just the second round.That team is Villanova. Ya I know I'm about to hear about how they have lost just about all their games down the stretch. But this team knows how to play in March. They were recently in the Final Four and you can't sleep on them. OSU has played shaky this year in some games they should have easily won like games with Northwestern. All I am saying is don't sleep on the Wildcats. Aside from Nova, OSU has to worry about a UK team that just won the SEC and is playing very well and a Syracuse team that is also very dangerous in March. If they play well, I think they can make it to the Final Four but they defiantly have to try harder than some other #1 seeds.

Here are my Final Four picks:

EAST - Ohio State
WEST- Duke

Side note, hit me up on Twitter at @ClevelandsRocks if you are interested in doing a combo Women's bracket and NIT bracket. Normal scoring and only rule is you can't pick UConn.

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