Mar 3, 2011

Browns Avoid Disaster, AJ Hawk is Most Likely Headed Back to GB

I've seen all over the internet about how the Browns need to look into AJ Hawk if he gets released by the Packers. Lo and behold, he gets cut on Wednesday and Ohio State homers everywhere are clamoring for the Browns to pick him up. Luckily, GB is more than likely resigning him today at a reduced rate. Lets be honest here people. Put down your glass of scarlet kool-aid. AJ Hawk is an incredibly medicore NFL linebacker. There's a reason the Pack wanted to restructure his contract. He's the third best linebacker on their team yet he was one of the highest paid players on the team. This isn't the Big 10 anymore, its the NFL and while AJ Hawk is a suitable player, he's not the stud that Ohio St fans seem to still think he is. And neither is Bobby Carpenter. Or Mike Doss. Or Ted Ginn. Or Troy Smith. Or Anthony Gonzalez. Or any other player Jim Tressel coached that's in the NFL right now. Except Chris Gamble or Will Smith. They're the only two. The point is, Ohio St players do a great job of disappointing in the NFL. There aren't any Youngstown State's or Ohio U's (represent) in the NFL.

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