Mar 3, 2011

Please Don't Sign Gholston

Remember that one time Vernon Gholston got a sack? Oh ya, that’s right it was when he was still in college. As we discussed earlier, the Browns are lucky that AJ Hawk re-signed with the Packers. Now that the Jets have released Vernon Gholston, I’m hearing from many Browns fans that we should acquire him. NOOOOOO. He is just one more OSU player to not live up to expectations in the NFL.
In his three year professional career, he has recorded only 42 tackles and 0 sacks. ZERO!  Not even a half of one. Did I mention that he is in the same division as the Buffalo Bills? And he couldn’t even sack one of them!
Now don’t give me that crap about how he switched positions in the 3-4 defense. Would he magically be better going to back to the 4-3 after not playing that in four years? If he wants to sign with the Browns for dirt cheap then go right ahead. But if the Browns offer him an expensive multi-year deal I’m going to start to watch soccer.  

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    The worst piece of shit I've ever heard.